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Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance during international and long-distant transportation of cargo became customary. «TIS-Logistic» company offers wide range of transport and logistic services and cargo insurance as well.

Cargo insurance is provided on the base of «responsible of all risks» principle.We pay damages caused by any cases, except cases provided below:

  • confiscation, requisition, seizure or cargo destruction by request of military forces or civil authorities;
  • direct or indirect action of atomic energy;
  • Insured, beneficiary (or their representatives) intention, deliberate violation of transportation rules;
  • inadequate packing of cargo, sending off damaged cargo;
  • delay of cargo delivery;
  • extraordinary characteristics of cargo;
  • cargo deficit, weighing difference.

Cargo insurance is done only on request of a Client and only in reliable insurance companies which have long history of business partnership with «TIS-Logistic» company.We cooperate with several insurance companies, that is why we can offer the most appropriate type of cargo insurance in each case. Our specialists will take care of formalities and provide cargo delivery insurance, reinsuarance, document preparation and so on.

We chose only leading insurance companies as our partners, thus «TIS-Logistic» company may offer profitable and reliable insurance cargo services. In case of cargo damage we make digital photos and e-mail it to our Clients to provide them with complete information. This also guarantees quick handling of cargo.


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